The medusa is a legendary creature in the lands of Genocide, widely known for its ability to turn unsuspecting adventurers who look upon it into stone. Most medusas are female, and all of them possess a tangled mass of writhing snakes in place of ordinary hair (which, of course, makes them unable to use helmets designed for humans). The medusas also are endowed with an intrinsic magical ability and are among the island's most feared spellcasters. These gruesome creatures live and reproduce in the murky confines of the swamp, waiting for an unsuspecting soul foolish enough to wander into their lairs.



-1 -3 +3 -4 -2


Head of snakes: the unique hairdo of the medusa leaves it unable to wear standard helmets. However, the snakes are useful in combat, as they tend to bite undesirables. Potent as these bites might be, they're made even more dangerous by the deadly venom that sometimes is injected through them.

Hideous appearance: the medusa's features are so horrific that simply looking at one can turn a person into stone. Turning to stone will make a player invulnerable (and unable to perform any actions), but will also kill him within a short time, unless the effects are reversed by fully healing him or by returning him to his normal state (such as by a stone to flesh spell). Because of this obvious danger, all who fight medusas are careful about their movements in combat, so as to avoid having to look at one directly. This caution requires extra concentration and limits the mobility of the player (-4 dexterity and intelligence), but keeps him alive. However, extremely weakened (10% of total health or less) players cannot hope to outmaneuver the medusa, ensuring their own stony doom. Mirrors can be used to indirectly watch a medusa (this will increase your mobility and make it impossible for the medusa to turn you to stone). Naturally, a player must be able to see the medusa for this ability to have any effect. Earth elementals and other medusas are also unaffected.

See in darkness (+1)

Detach snake
Command: detach
Health: 35

This extremely painful maneuver can only be attempted once a minute, but is nevertheless frequently used by medusas in distress. It detaches one of the many snakes growing on the medusas head, creating a small but deadly reptilian ally. The detached snake is completely under the control of the medusa.

Medusa snakebite
Command: snakebite

A medusa's head of snakes normally attacks the medusa's current target each round, but can be made to attack all enemies that are within reach instead. This command allows the medusa to toggle between the two modes.