Ogres are large humanoids, related both to orcs and giants. They live in primitive clans, hunting and gathering for sustenance, and preying on settlements of weaker races to augment their stores. While significantly less intelligent than humans, they have nevertheless been known to demonstrate an inclination towards the arcane arts, and most tribes count magic-users among their ranks. Ogres have developed some degree of nightvision, as most of their raiding is done well after dark.



+5 -10 -10 +4 -6


The Horde: the various goblinoid races (goblins, ogres, orcs, and trolls) are known to do war upon each other as often as they do unto others. However, every now and then, exceptionally powerful and ruthless leaders manage to unite the rival tribes, forming a coherent fighting force to be reckoned with. Referring to themselves as the Horde, these warriors sweep across the more civilized nations, burning and looting as they go. Four or more goblinoid players on a team are required to form (a part of) the Horde.

See in darkness (+1)

Combat spell proficiency (magic-users only)
Command: prof

Ogres who study the arcane arts often find themselves inexplicably gifted in the use of a particular combat spell. Special attention is paid to this gift during the ogre's training, resulting in the ogre being able to cast that spell with increased efficiency and with less stamina drain (+10% damage, -1% stamina). This single-minded focus also means that ogre magic-users are less proficient with their other combat spells--although they still are able to achieve the same damage levels as others, they can only do so at a higher cost (+0.5% stamina).

Locate outpost (the Horde only)
Command: outpost

An invasion by the Horde usually begins with the establishment of outposts in key locations. These are the starting points of both smaller raiding parties, and larger armies. Usually, each tribe has its own outpost, so as to avoid the all-too-common conflicts that otherwise occur. Upon arriving at his own outpost, a Horde member is sure to be among friends, and will likely find someone to accompany him on his journeys. This command shows the location of your outpost.

Pillage (the Horde only)
Command: pillage
Stamina: 10%

Together with a close ally, a warrior of the Horde can attempt to pillage a place of business. Although most wares will surely be destroyed during such an assault, the pillagers might be able to get their hands on a number of coins. Pillaged shops will need at least a minute to restock their wares, but they will also become hostile towards the race doing the pillaging, and will not sell to them for five minutes.